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Termite Check Self Assessment Made Easy

Hints on how to check if your biggest asset - your home has termites?

At AMAC Termites we are often asked by many of our Brisbane northside clients how they can do a check on their house in between visits to see if they potentially have termites. This month we will try to give you some clues to help you make the initial assessment on whether you have termites or not so that you can make an informed decision about getting in a professional to service your house.

Studying the Termite Genome To Understand Termites and Develop New Treatments.

Interesting Recent Study of Termites

It is reported that recent studies in the US have revealed that the termite genome has been sequenced reportedly for the first time.
This has enabled biologists to take a detailed look at the genetic code of the termite as an insect for the very first time.

Does my house need to have Termite Protection in the North Brisbane Area?

This is a common question in Queensland and the answer to the above is categorically YES IT DOES!

What Home Buyers need to look out for with Termites

Buying a home should be a happy and pleasant experience for you and your family. Making sure you have a qualified building and inspection specialist is also a good idea, so they can produce a clear and thorough report that is easy for you to understand. 
There are four key points each home buyer needs to look out for when buying a home:
1. The real estate agent is working for their company and not you 
Agents usually only get paid a commissions which is only paid once they have sold a house.

Queensland Storms, Humidity and Termites

Summer is the perfect time for termites to be on the move and looking for new homes. With the humidity high and warmer days approaching this is the time when millions of termites grow wings and fly from their nests in swarms to find a new place to host a colony.

Termites are most active in the months of November and December and the termite swarming season continues right through till March. During this period termites look for a new places to nest which include, moist places and partially decayed timber. If a termite does not find a place to nest they die within 24 hours.

Spring Cleaning Time – Don’t Forgot Pest Control

There are many questions surrounding pest control and termite inspections in regards to how often, best time of year and if the chemicals are toxic. These are just a few of the common questions, and we are here to clear them up with professional and expert advice on how to keep you on top of any unwanted pests in your home. 

How can I tell if I Have Termites in my House?

Termites are fast working and nearly impossible to detectable until it’s too late and they’ve made a significant impact on a structure. Termites cause a huge amount of damage to Australian homes each year not to mention the enormous cost home owners face with termite damage. This is why it is crucial to know what to look out for and how to detect if termites are in or around your house.

Using Trusted Australian Termite Treatments Since 1994

Termites are still on the rise and causing major structural damage to Australian homes each year. Homes are so often a major family asset and with termite infestations being essentially un-insuredable, homeowners are desperately seeking reliable protection against termites.

How termites work

Termites are still on the move even throughout the Winter Months

Termites can be seasonal but up in tropical Queensland where it doesn’t get anywhere near as cold as it does in the south termites are still on the move. The colder weather does affect their mobility slightly and their activity can be slower during this time in both homes and the environment however, within the Brisbane area the temperatures do not drop that much compared to states down south, and termites are still very much on the move. Even the colder states such as; Victoria there is no such thing as termite cessation.

Termite Detection and Elimination

Termite or ‘White Ant’ Treatment and Prevention

Termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ because of their appearance. Discourage termites from around your home with our helpful tips, along with information that will assist you in detecting and treating these pests.

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