Sentricon Always Active Termites Treatment North Brisbane

A New Revolution in Termites Treatment North Brisbane

Sentricon has released a new product which is very exciting in the treatment of termites. AMAC is pleased to offer this product to our clients for termite prevention and termite treatment North Brisbane.
Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods are located in the Sentricon stations on a permanent basis, which in turn, offers immediate, continuous and lasting protection for the treatment of termites. Sentricon is highly durable (lasting over 5 years in the ground), and highly desirable adn we see this product revolutionising the termite industry in the future. No longer do you need regular checks and then baiting programs, this product remains in the baiting stations and is readily available if you have a termite issue. Therefore it acts immediately to control termites and is always active as it remains in the ground for up to 5 years.
In palatability tests and field trials termites preferred Sentricon AlwaysActive over wood and liked it even better when it got old, cracked and mouldy. This is very exciting for termite prevention and termite treatment in the future.

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