Termite Treatments

Termidor for use in Termite Pest Control North Brisbane

Why Use Termidor Termite Pest Control Treatment?

In 2002 a new product was released on the market called Termidor. Since its release it has become the leading termite control product in Australia.

Sentricon termite pest control north brisbane

Sentricon II for Clean, Safe and Proven Termite Treatment and Pest Control

When dealing with termite problems, you want a safe and reliable treatment plan implemented as soon as possible to avoid any major structural damage to one of your biggest assets - you house. Sentricon II offers scientifically proven, measurable elimination of termite colonies. It is clean, safe and easy to use, with little or no preparation required. Sentricon is also environmentally friendly and poses no risks to the health or humans or animals.

TermX Replenishment System for Pest Control North Brisbane

Why Choose TermX For Termite Treatment?

The TermX Replenishment System has been designed by Australians to suit the harsh Australian conditions and termite pressures. It has been extensively tested to offer long term termite management and prevention and is used in treatments for termite pest control north brisbane.

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