Pest Control for Spiders


Spiders are members of the class Arachnida. Other members include ticks, mites and scorpions. Generally, spiders have eight legs, two-part bodies, fangs, and organs that spin webs. Spiders are essential to our ecosystem as they prey on insects and keep their populations under control.

Australia has about 2,000 species of spider but most are relatively harmless to humans. Funnel-web spiders (indigenous to Sydney) and red-back spiders (found throughout the country) are perhaps the most venomous spiders in Australia.

Because they feed off other insects, including harmful ones, spiders are considered beneficial. But their webs are a nuisance, and spider bites can be painful or dangerous to humans.

Controlling spiders begins with reducing their food supply: proper sanitation and control of other insect species will eliminate most spider problems. Regular vacuuming and sweeping of infrequently used spaces such as storage areas, crawl spaces, and attics will also help.

Many factors contribute to spiders being found on site and listed below are some examples to help identify problem areas and some preventative methods to help reduce spider activity on site.

  • Schedule de-webbing services following spider services to help identify specific spider concentrated areas needing further control.
  • Apply Vaseline or grease to posts, running guides of roller doors.
  • Install yellow lighting to external areas of building to reduce attracting insects at night.
  • Reduce hedges, trees and shrubs that harbour spiders.
  • Pay particular attention to areas where you may come into contact with spiders (eg storage sheds, garbage areas, under pot plants, gates and fences, gardens furniture).

Scheduling of spider services should concentrate closer to the warmer months were most activity takes place with site maintenance to be discussed at all times throughout the year.

Our technician will complete a thorough investigation of your home before starting this service looking for signs of spider activity as well as discuss with you any concerns you may have on site.

Areas to be spray treated are all crack and crevices around you home including all windows, weep holes, door frames, eaves and fence and clothes lines (white tails).

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