Termites are still on the move even throughout the Winter Months

Termites can be seasonal but up in tropical Queensland where it doesn’t get anywhere near as cold as it does in the south termites are still on the move. The colder weather does affect their mobility slightly and their activity can be slower during this time in both homes and the environment however, within the Brisbane area the temperatures do not drop that much compared to states down south, and termites are still very much on the move. Even the colder states such as; Victoria there is no such thing as termite cessation.

Termite Detection and Elimination

Below is an image from a home within the North Brisbane Area in April, and shows termite nests that were found in the bedroom walls of a house. The bucket is nearly full of termite nests. Special equipment and experienced termite specialists were able to locate the termite infestation and treat the area with termite treatments also known as colony control. You also want to make sure that all termites were killed with the extermination. 

Termite elimination

Termite Treatment

For a home that has termites present and the nest has been detected and eliminated, there are still follow up checks that are equally important. Follow up checks of the treated nest site and inspections if the infested building or home are vital, as the colony control does not protect a building into the future.

Our termite treatment specialists are advocates for monitoring the house post termite treatment ensuring your home is kept free from termites.

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